Application How To guide

A) Your child's information

Please enter your child's last name, first name, date of birth, home address and child ID number. If you do not yet have a Kinder-Identifikationsnummer/Kinder-ID (child identification number/child ID), please request one by emailing:

If your child is already attending school or will be starting school on 1 August this year, please answer Yes to the question and tell us the name of the school.

Please note that the regular admission date for the kindergarten or school year is 1 August each year. Other admission dates are possible, for example if you move to the city of Bremen, but will be given lower priority than applications with a starting date of 1 August for organisational reasons.

B) Your preferred facility

Please specify here which facility you would like your child to attend. Please enter your preferred facility in position 1 and make sure that the name of the facility is correct.

C) Desired duration of care

If your children are not yet in school, you can indicate here how many hours a day you would like childcare for. Your legal minimum entitlement is six hours.

D) Forwarding your application to other childcare facilities

If none of your preferred facilities are able to offer you a place, your child's application details will be passed on to other facilities in the vicinity of your home so that they may offer you any available places they have. You can object to this, but if you do so, it will reduce your chances of obtaining a childcare place in the current year.

E) Parent/guardian information

Please enter the details of the legal guardians of the child here. If you are the sole guardian, please check the box below. If you have sole custody and are also working, on parental leave, looking for employment, in education or training or receiving unemployment benefits (ALG 2), please also check the box "Ich bin alleinerziehend" ("I am a single parent").

F) Employment

If you are employed, please indicate how many hours you work each day and how many minutes each day you spend travelling between home and work. If you would like the distance between the childcare facility and your place of employment to be calculated, please enter the address of your place of employment.

G) Distance to the childcare facility

Here you can specify whether the childcare facility should be close to your home or your workplace. Please select only one option.